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Confectionery - Scottish hand-made Butter Tablet - Click to enlarge.
Scottish hand-made Butter Tablet (120g)

2 x 60g bars in each pack of authentic quality tablet. Melts in the mouth. A Scottish delicacy renowned for its flavour.

Confectionery - Scottish hand-made Macaroon Bars  - Click to enlarge.
Scottish hand-made Macaroon Bars (130g)

2 x 65g bars in each pack – hard, coconut crème centre surrounded by chocolate-flavoured coating and rolled in roasted coconut. Delicious!

Confectionery - Hand-made Vanilla Fudge - Click to enlarge.
Hand-made Vanilla Fudge (130g)

Everyone’s favourite! Temptingly tasty, rich and creamy. Irrestible!


Bakery - Hand-made Scottish Shortbread Fingers - Click to enlarge.
Hand-made Scottish Shortbread Fingers (275g)

12 fingers of light, all-butter shortbread which just melt in the mouth. Fabulous eating!