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Chutney and Preserves

Chutneys were originally fruit or vegetable preparations created to accompany curries and were often heavily spiced. Our extensive collection includes many types of chutney based upon, or developed from, authentic recipes.

With a range of 60 products, carefully selected for quality and taste. All of our Preserves are produced in the United Kingdom. The fruit preserves are prepared with the finest quality fruit available and carefully packed into jars to retain the shape and flavour of the fruits. We believe that these products are amongst the finest on the market today in terms of both taste and quality. Look out for the "Great Taste" Awards!

Fruit Preserves

Fruit Preserves - Raspberry and Lavender Preserve - Click to enlarge.
Raspberry and Lavender Preserve (340g)

A taste sensation, this unusual preserve offers a sophisticated touch to warm scones and butter for afternoon tea.

Fruit Preserves - Apricot Preserve - Click to enlarge.
Apricot Preserve (340g)

A favourite tea-time treat! Made by hand from selected fruit and carefully packed into the jars to retain the shape of the pieces of apricot. Truly delicious!

Fruit Preserves - Blackcurrant Preserve - Click to enlarge.
Blackcurrant Preserve (340g)

A condensed luscious flavour of hand-picked blackcurrants to sharpen your taste buds.

Fruit Preserves - Blueberry Preserve - Click to enlarge.
Blueberry Preserve (340g)

Using the finest fruits at the peak of their season ensures superior taste, quality and added vitamin c.

Fruit Preserves - Cherry Preserve - Click to enlarge.
Cherry Preserve (340g)

Extra- high-quality fruit adds to the superior taste and texture of this mouth-watering jam.

Bronze "Great Taste" Award

Fruit Preserves - Damson Preserve - Click to enlarge.
Damson Preserve (340g)

This traditional fruit, with its superb taste is making a revival and is a very popular choice.

Fruit Preserves - Ginger Preserve - Click to enlarge.
Ginger Preserve (340g)

A distinctive blend of crystallized ginger provides an enticing flavour.

Fruit Preserves - Gooseberry Preserve - Click to enlarge.
Gooseberry Preserve (340g)

An abundance of sharp, tangy gooseberries are carefully selected to ensure the quality of this very special preserve.

Silver "Great Taste" Award

Fruit Preserves - Raspberry Preserve - Click to enlarge.
Raspberry Preserve (340g)

Made from sun-ripened summer fruit, this delightful preserve is an all-the-year-round popular choice. Made by hand from selected fruit, each jar is carefully packed to retain the flavour of the rich ingredients.

Silver "Great Taste" Award

Fruit Preserves - Rhubarb and Ginger Preserve - Click to enlarge.
Rhubarb and Ginger Preserve (340g)

The combination of flavours ensures the popularity of this premium preserve.

Fruit Preserves - Strawberry Preserve - Click to enlarge.
Strawberry Preserve (340g)

Only the finest sun-ripened fruit, goes into the production of this superb preserve. Made by hand and carefully packed into the jars to retain the shape and flavour of the fruit. A ‘natural’ with crusty bread and country butter.

Gold "Great Taste" Award

Fruit Preserves - Chilli Jam - Click to enlarge.
Chilli Jam (340g)

Ideal accompaniment to prawn skewers and fish cakes! Can also be used to spice up barbecues, casseroles and pasta. Lovely with Brie and Oatcakes!


Marmalades - Autumn Fruit Marmalade - Click to enlarge.
Autumn Fruit Marmalade (340g)

Orange marmalade with quince and apples, use as a glaze for baked gammon or as a base for apple crumble.

Gold "Great Taste" Award

Marmalades - Dundee Marmalade - Click to enlarge.
Dundee Marmalade (340g)

This favourite, thin cut marmalade, made to a traditional recipe, is as popular as ever.

Marmalades - Gentleman’s Marmalade with Whisky Liqueur - Click to enlarge.
Gentleman’s Marmalade with Whisky Liqueur (227g)

A luxurious, thin cut tasty marmalade with a subtle flavour of whisky.

Bronze "Great Taste" Award

Marmalades - Seville Orange Marmalade - Click to enlarge.
Seville Orange Marmalade (340g)

Always popular fine-cut with the sharpness you would expect from Seville oranges.

Bronze "Great Taste" Award

Marmalades - Lime Marmalade - Click to enlarge.
Lime Marmalade (340g)

Specially hand-cut, thick-peel, quality marmalade with the extra zing of lime adds that extra special finish.

Gold "Great Taste" Award

Marmalades - Sweet Orange and Cider Marmalade - Click to enlarge.
Sweet Orange and Cider Marmalade (340g)

An awarding winning taste, this sweet orange and cider, thin cut marmalade has a unique flavour.

Bronze "Great Taste" Award

Marmalades - Three Fruit Marmalade - Click to enlarge.
Three Fruit Marmalade (340g)

Grapefruit, orange and lemon peels make a terrific combination for a tasty, refreshing, thin cut marmalade.

Marmalades - Vintage Marmalade - Click to enlarge.
Vintage Marmalade (340g)

For the true marmalade connoisseur who enjoys the coarseness of thick cut, flavour-filled marmalade.

Gold "Great Taste" Award


Jellies - Hot Chilli Jelly - Click to enlarge.
Hot Chilli Jelly (227g)

This HOT, sweet chilli jelly is an unusual combination of sweet and spicy. Goes with everything!

Jellies - Crab Apple Jelly - Click to enlarge.
Crab Apple Jelly (227g)

This sweet, succinct flavour brings back childhood memories.

Jellies - Golden Mint Jelly - Click to enlarge.
Golden Mint Jelly (227g)

A delightful, refreshing light flavour. Great with Scottish Lamb roasts.

Bronze "Great Taste" Award

Jellies - Hedgerow Bramble Jelly - Click to enlarge.
Hedgerow Bramble Jelly (227g)

A great taste of the countryside, made from hand-picked wild brambles.

Jellies - Quince and Rose Petal Jelly - Click to enlarge.
Quince and Rose Petal Jelly (227g)

A delicate, light fragrance and flavour.

Gold "Great Taste" Award

Jellies - Redcurrant Jelly - Click to enlarge.
Redcurrant Jelly (227g)

The traditional accompaniment for game dishes.


Chutneys - Shallot and Red Pepper Chutney - Click to enlarge.
Shallot and Red Pepper Chutney (340g)

Mouth-watering combination of ingredients making this an ideal addition to any cold meal and salad.

Gold "Great Taste" Award

Chutneys - Fiery Tomato and Chilli Chutney - Click to enlarge.
Fiery Tomato and Chilli Chutney (311g)

Hot and Spicy tomato chutney made with chillies, great with mature cheese. Will liven up any meal.

Chutneys - Apricot and Stem Ginger Chutney - Click to enlarge.
Apricot and Stem Ginger Chutney (300g)

The particular combination of sweet Apricots and spicy Ginger makes for a really appealing addition to a large variety of meals. Especially good with roast pork and cold boiled ham.

Chutneys - Autumn Fruit Chutney - Click to enlarge.
Autumn Fruit Chutney (300g)

An exciting combination of tomato, plum, apricot and apple. Very versatile. Great with cheese and oatcakes.

Chutneys - Caramelised Red Onion Chutney - Click to enlarge.
Caramelised Red Onion Chutney (300g)

Highly flavoured sweet companion to both hot and cold dishes. Extremely popular.

Chutneys - Very Hot and Spicy Chutney - Click to enlarge.
Very Hot and Spicy Chutney (300g)

This is a sure-fire winner for everyone who enjoys hot and spicy foods. The fruit and vegetables are all hand prepared. Wonderful with cheese, cold meats and guaranteed to spice-up your curry! Made to an original Indian recipe.

Chutneys - Mango Chutney - Click to enlarge.
Mango Chutney (300g)

Chunky, fresh mango fruit, popular with curry dishes.

Chutneys - Sun Dried Tomato and Basil Chutney - Click to enlarge.
Sun Dried Tomato and Basil Chutney (300g)

A unique continental flavour which is very appetising.

Chutneys - Tomato and Garlic Chutney - Click to enlarge.
Tomato and Garlic Chutney (300g)

A superb traditional combination. Especially good with cheeses.


Pickles - Very Garlic Pickle - Click to enlarge.
Very Garlic Pickle (290g)

An inspired, Indian recipe. Use as a condiment for curries or as a dip for poppadums.


Mustards - Dragons Breath Mustard - Click to enlarge.
Dragons Breath Mustard (175g)

Paprika, garlic and chilli mustard, the jar actually has a printed caution on the label; this mustard is extremely HOT!

Mustards - Garlic Mustard - Click to enlarge.
Garlic Mustard (175g)

Ideal with cold cuts, another grained mustard.

Mustards - Real Ale Mustard - Click to enlarge.
Real Ale Mustard (175g)

Wonderful with a regular “Ploughman’s Lunch” or try some on Arran Oatcakes.


Sauces - Dill Sauce - Click to enlarge.
Dill Sauce (165g)

Cream sauce, with finely shredded dill, brings out the best in all fish dishes.

Sauces - Garlic Mayonnaise - Click to enlarge.
Garlic Mayonnaise (240g)

Finest garlic with handmade mayonnaise, made to a traditional recipe. Wonderful!

Sauces - Hot Horseradish Sauce - Click to enlarge.
Hot Horseradish Sauce (175g)

A tangy, full-flavoured sauce, the “secret” ingredient to add to numerous recipes. Superb with roast beef.

Bronze "Great Taste" Award

Sauces - Tartare Sauce - Click to enlarge.
Tartare Sauce (240g)

A truly delicious addition to any fish dish. The tangy capers together with the other herb ingredients make for a memorable meal. Hard to resist coming back for more!

Sauces - Onion Marmalade - Click to enlarge.
Onion Marmalade (325g)

A recipe from the Victorian kitchens. Combines sweet, translucent onions with a mature sherry. Good with pts, cold meats and terrines.

Sauces - Cranberry Sauce with Claret - Click to enlarge.
Cranberry Sauce with Claret (200g)

Plump, juicy cranberries combined with an excellent claret for a luxurious and unique taste.

Gold "Great Taste" Award


Curds - Lemon Curd - Click to enlarge.
Lemon Curd (311g)

Everyone’s favourite. The sharp, creamy flavour is tantalising. Made with fresh farm butter.

Gold "Great Taste" Award

Curds - Lime Curd - Click to enlarge.
Lime Curd (311g)

A somewhat sharper flavour than the lemon curd, Lime curd is equally as popular.

Bronze "Great Taste" Award