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Cheese and Oatcakes

All of our cheeses are produced in Scotland and with over 15 distinctive flavours from which to choose, you will be spoilt for choice. The rich, lust pastures and clear spring water for which Scotland is renowned ensure our cheeses are produced to the highest quality, using the freshest and most luxurious ingredients.

Our handcrafted oatcakes are superb. Using the finest ingredients and made to an old family recipe (which includes a small amount of wheat flour) they taste wonderful, crunchy and nutty. The traditional Arran oatcake makes a great tasting, substantial base for all kinds of toppings. Rich in fibre and slow-releasing carbohydrates. A great Scottish tradition.

V indicates that the product is suitable for vegetarians, as only vegetable sourced rennet is used.

Island Cheese Company

Island Cheese Company - Crushed Stem Ginger Cheese - Click to enlarge.
Crushed Stem Ginger Cheese (200g)

£4.80 Each

Creamy cheddar with more than a hint of crushed stem ginger. A great desert treat. V

Island Cheese Company - Cracked Black Peppercorns Cheese - Click to enlarge.
Cracked Black Peppercorns Cheese (200g)

£4.80 Each

Freshly cracked black peppercorns, course and crunchy, blended into finest medium cheddar. A delight to the taste buds. V

Island Cheese Company - Caramelised Onion Cheese - Click to enlarge.
Caramelised Onion Cheese (200g)

£4.80 Each

Medium mature cheddar with crunchy ,caramelised onions. Tasty. Contains wheat flower. V

Island Cheese Company - Arran Brie Cheese - Click to enlarge.
Arran Brie Cheese (200g)

£5.00 Each

Serious contender for the top prize in the field of “Brie” - a TRIPLE cream soft cheese with fantastic flavours and beautifully smooth finish. V

Island Cheese Company - Arran Blue Cheese - Click to enlarge.
Arran Blue Cheese (200g)

£5.00 Each

Another great soft Arran cheese with a sharper tang and great after-taste. Wonderful on the tasty oatcakes which are also the produce of the Isle of Arran. V

Island Cheese Company - Arran Mustard Cheese - Click to enlarge.
Arran Mustard Cheese (200g)

£4.40 Each

This mouth watering, round truckle, is black-waxed (the wax assists in keeping the cheese in good, fresh condition). Pasteurised milk is blended with the famous Arran mustard providing added flavour and interest to the overall enjoyment. V

Island Cheese Company - Oak-smoked Cheese - Click to enlarge.
Oak-smoked Cheese (200g)

£4.40 Each

A unique slow smoking technique using shavings from the barrels of the famous Glenmorangie whisky produces this wonderfully powerful, delicious smoky cheddar. Covered in red wax which retains all the goodness and taste, this round truckle is our top selling cheddar. V

Island Cheese Company - Whisky Cheese - Click to enlarge.
Whisky Cheese (200g)

£4.40 Each

The addition of Lochranza Malt Whisky is a superb complement to this smooth, creamy cheese. Produced from pasteurised milk, this white-waxed round truckle, is a delightful cheddar and it represents some of the Island’s finest produce. V

Island Cheese Company - Claret Cheese - Click to enlarge.
Claret Cheese (200g)

£4.40 Each

A magnificent, fresh, moist cheddar which comes in a maroon-waxed truckle, with the addition of a smooth, full-bodied claret. Wonderful taste and texture. V

Island Cheese Company - Crushed Herbs Cheese - Click to enlarge.
Crushed Herbs Cheese (200g)

£4.40 Each

A fragrant cheese naturally flavoured with the finest of Scottish herbs. This green waxed, round truckle is a lovely supper time treat. Marvellous herby after-taste. V

Island Cheese Company - Chives Cheese - Click to enlarge.
Chives Cheese (200g)

£4.40 Each

A selected classic Scottish favourite, blended with chives which enhance the mellow flavour of the cheese. Supplied in a white-waxed truckle. The distinctive flavours are a superb combination of creamy cheddar and fresh finely-shredded chives. V

Island Cheese Company - Chilli Cheese - Click to enlarge.
Chilli Cheese (200g)

£4.40 Each

The pungent chilli seeds give this particularly popular cheese a terrific after-taste. The round truckle is coated in a red and white wax and is truly a ‘hot’ favourite. Possibly one of the most popular in the range. V

Island Cheese Company - Smokey Garlic Cheese - Click to enlarge.
Smokey Garlic Cheese (200g)

£4.40 Each

Similar in flavour and texture to the Oak Smoked but with the added delight of finely minced fresh garlic. A delight to the taste buds. V

Island Cheese Company - Kilbride Cheese - Click to enlarge.
Kilbride Cheese (200g)

£4.40 Each

Medium mature and extra creamy with a really special lingering after-taste. V

Island Cheese Company - New Chunky Pickle
New Chunky Pickle (200g)

£4.40 Each

Very full of flavour made from Cows mild V

Wooley’s of Arran

Wooley’s of Arran - Arran Oatcakes - Click to enlarge.
Arran Oatcakes (260g)

£2.00 Each

The Original Arran Oatcake is presented in a 180g pack. Ten oatcakes to each pack they taste delicious on their own and are a great complement to a huge variety of delicacies.

Wooley’s of Arran - Arran Oaties - Click to enlarge.
Arran Oaties (190g)

£2.00 Each

Miniature version of traditional Arran Oatcakes. Full of healthy oats - great fibre input! Perfect size for snacks, packed lunches, canapés. Each packet contains 30 oaties.

Wooley’s of Arran - Cheese Oaties - Click to enlarge.
Cheese Oaties (190g)

£2.00 Each

Just as versatile as Oaties but with the tasty addition of Arran Red Cheddar, giving these little treats a really BIG flavour. Each packet contains 30 oaties.

Wooley’s of Arran - Bran Oaties - Click to enlarge.
Bran Oaties (180g)

£2.00 Each

These superb and appetizing mini oatcakes are even more crunchy than Oaties and Cheese Oaties since the recipe has been changed to exclude white flour and extra bran added giving even more flavour and fibre. Each packet contains 30 oaties.


Butter - Hand-made Fresh Farm Butter - Click to enlarge.
Hand-made Fresh Farm Butter (250g)

£2.80 Each

Made for the John Muir Country Store this butter is made from Jersey cows’ milk which gives the product a glorious deep golden colour and a very creamy taste. Very slightly salted.